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Salt Creek Choctaw Horse Preserve

At our Salt Creek Choctaw Horse Display Pasture, we welcome scheduled visitors to meet the horses in person and learn more about their unique history.  There is no "fee" but we do welcome donations.

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Living in the Wild

Our Founder, Dr. Maila Coleman, MD,  has dedicated 100 acres to a select group of Heritage Horses with the rarest unique genetics.  They have been living "wild" in a completely self-sustaining environment since 2012.

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Nonprofit Public Charity

To follow our Nonprofit Public Charity and view additional photos and videos of the horses at our Salt Creek Choctaw Horse Display Pasture where we showcase our own horses as well as ones we have rescued, click the button below:

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Public Charity: 501(c)3, ID: 47-1320574


Our Mission

We preserve and promote the genetically unique, critically endangered Heritage Horses of Oklahoma. Many of these horses' ancestors carried Native American tribal members along the Trail of Tears from their original homelands to Indian Territory preserving the family bloodlines. DNA testing has confirmed historical accounts of these horses originally being obtained from Spanish explorers, and carefully bred for their enduring characteristics of gentleness and gait.  The Heritage Horses of Oklahoma, are also known as the "Blackjack Mountain Horses," and are identified as Colonial Spanish Horses by the Livestock Conservancy.  Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Choctaw Ponies are included as well as other Tribal Horses. This breed immortalized the Pony Express and starred in the movie "Hidalgo".  They have saved many lives throughout history, and now it's our turn to save them. 

Established: July 12, 2014

Friends of the Heritage Horse Foundation Herds,  dba: “The Spirit of Blackjack Mountain”

Mailing Address:  193670 North 4230  Rd, Antlers,  OK 74523-7360


  1. Heritage Horses (per excerpt from Oklahoma RESOLUTION No. 34*) "originated from Spanish horses brought to the Americas with early settlers...  Thousands of these Spanish horses were relocated in the 19th century to Indian Territory when tribal peoples were removed from their ancestral homes and were carefully bred and maintained by families...  
  2. Foundation Herds: refers to the original herds of these horses brought by Native American Tribes and early settlers in Indian Territory, later named "Oklahoma," from the Choctaw words "okla" (red) and "humma" (people)  referring to the original people's skin color.
  3. Scope of organization: “This association is organized exclusively as described under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code: “No part of the net earnings of a section 501(c)(3) organization may inure to the benefit of any private business or individual.”
  4. Preservation:  ensure the longtime survival through a public charity foundation for sustainable habitat for permanent preservation of this specific breed of horse, designated as the "Heritage Horse of Oklahoma" per State Resolution 34.


Excerpt from:  1st Session of the 54th Legislature of the State of Oklahoma
By:  Ellis of the Senate and, McDaniel (Curtis) and Lockhart of the House
A Concurrent Resolution recognizing the Oklahoma Colonial Spanish horse as the Official Heritage Horse of Oklahoma;.
WHEREAS, the Oklahoma Colonial Spanish horse, which originated from Spanish horses brought to the Americas with early settlers, is unique in its genetics, history, geography and contributions to the people of Oklahoma; and
WHEREAS, the Oklahoma Colonial Spanish horse maintains 100 percent Spanish genetic markers and has been considered the purest free-roaming Colonial Spanish horse in the United States, and
WHEREAS, thousands of these Spanish horses were relocated in the 19th century to Indian Territory when tribal peoples were removed from their ancestral homes and were carefully bred and maintained by families who treasured them as cultural remnants and practical beasts of burden; and
WHEREAS, these horses hovered on the brink of extinction following the Civil War and again in the 1970s; however, a number of families closely guarded large herds, insuring their preservation and preventing crossbreeding; and
WHEREAS, due to the movement and demise of most of these families, numbers have dwindled, placing the horses on The Livestock Conservancy's Conservation Priority List for livestock breeds in danger of extinction; and
WHEREAS, according to the Southwest Spanish Mustang Association, which works closely with The Livestock Conservancy to ensure the purity and survival of the Oklahoma Colonial Spanish horse, 800 - 900 of these registered horses remain alive today; and
WHEREAS, with its rich heritage, resilience, and perseverance, the Oklahoma Colonial Spanish horse embodies the very spirit of Oklahoma and remains a living piece of state history..

Adopted  March 5, 2014

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